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Just like Gitorious, GitLab, and BitBucket, GitHub is a well-versed control system that saves your data in a readable and scalable form. GitHub offers two types of plans: free repositories and paid repositories. It claims to have more than 15 million active users and nearly 56 million repositories all over the world.

Primary reasons to use GitHub:

1. Contributes to your open source projects:

GitHub contributes to your favorite open source projects and saves a lot of time and energy. If your project includes wikis or issue trackers, you can opt for GitHub and get your work done conveniently. Symfony, Django, and Ruby on Rails use this service to develop new projects and contributions from remote workers.

2. GitHub Enterprise:

Just like GitLab and BitBucket, GitHub Enterprise is designed for large-sized enterprises. It helps programmers and experts host their repositories behind a corporate firewall.

3. Markdown:

Markdown is a practice of writing documents with a specific text editor. GitHub is capable of turning wikis, comments and issue trackers into markdown and thus make your work easier. In other words, it means that you can write professional documents with this service. If you don't have sufficient programming or coding skills, you can still GitHub to craft text documents.

4. Suitable for small to medium-sized companies:

GitHub has an excellent documentation. It is suitable for both small and medium-sized companies. In the GitGub section, you can find useful articles and trending topics. Do you want to know how to create Git workflow? You can access its blog to know everything in this regard. GitHub introduced Gist a few months ago. With Gist, you can turn different files into Git repositories conveniently. In addition, Gist make it easy for you to share and track changes to your configuration files and scripts. Gist builds on the simple concept of a Pastebin and adds code snippets and SSL encryption for private paste.

5. GitHub Marketplace service:

GitHub also provides marketplace services to its users. Most important services are mentioned below:

• Rollbar – GitHub provides real-time debugging tools and is compatible with Ruby, Node.js, PHP, .Net, JavaScript, Python, Android, C++, iOS, Go and Java.

• Codebeat – This option is good for code analysis. The supported languages are Go, Elixir, Java, Python, JavaScript, Swift, Ruby, Kotlin, TypeScript, and Objective-C.

• Travis CI – It gives you full control over the GitHub environment and is developed for teams that translate web content into different languages.

• GitLocalize – GitLocalize syncs with your GitHub repository and helps keep a record of your work.